"The story by north

A creative collective in the north of Sweden with an eclectic foundation due to slow craft as a beacon.



We merge the best of our two worlds, art and home decor, to interlace these forms of expression into an early oeuvre of our time. One element that is fundamental for BY North Collective is the element of earth. We create unique pieces that will age with beauty and dignity.


Every single piece is produced as close to home as possible and mostly by our four hands. But this collective is just a small fragment in a divisive era, the counter reaction to the practical plastics as well as line production. Our vision is to embrace all art forms. To live, learn and always stay creative. Slow shift and be brave enough to build our business on a love base instead of money base. To stay true to earth and ourselves, always!


"This collective is just a small fragment in a divisive era.




Founder & Designer


Founder & Home decorator




Soraya Forsberg & Fanny Lindén


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